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Auger Filling Machines - CC-1001S

Auger Filling Machines - CC-1001S

Auger Filling Machines (Small Model) - CC-1001S

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The auger filling machine (small model) - CC-1001S is designed for filling and metering various powder and granular products, such as flour, crude sugar, seasoning flavor, salt, MSG, chemical powder, medicine and Chinese herbs powder and biological powder, etc.



  • The CC-1001s auger type metering filling machine are suitable for all types of free-flow and non free-flow powder and granular products.
  • The transmission system is driven by a servo motor.
  • Touch-sensing screen for operation control.
  • Japan Mitsubishi PLC.
  • Auger pipe for material infeed is one-piece manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Easy to install and dismantle the auger without need of any tool. Easy and convenient cleaning for time-saving.
  • In case malfunction occurs, the machine stops automatically for protection.
  • 20 sets of memory modules.