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Positioning Wrap-around Labeler

Top Labeler Application
The machine is designed for partial/fully wrap-around labeling on round containers. Available for positioning labeling for round bottles with a handle. Available to apply one or two labels at a time on the bottle.

Machine meets current GMP standards.
Japan PLC combine with Proface human / machine interface LCD touch screen control.
Japan precision 5-phase stepping motor and driver.
Stainless steel frame construction is standard.
Labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure quality labeling.
When the hot foil printer ribbon runs out, this labeler will stop and provide an " error" message.

● Hot Foil Printer for date-coding.
● Product feeding turn table (diameter 650 / 800 /1000mm.)
● LRD-611 0 Lion Sensor for transparent labels (USA made)

Model AAM-515
Label Width A Type/1-12 cm, C Type/1-18 cm
D type:1-22 cm, E type:1-25 cm
Label Length 1.5~30 cm
Product Thickness(diameter) 2.5-10 cm (bigger size is available on request )
Reel Diameter(Inner/Outer) 7.6~36cm(Max.)
Labeling Speed 12-38 Meter per minute
Power Consumption 570W